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About this Mag  //  Ahmsayin is a missionary for current web culture

Like tabloid mag of non-conventional, early adopters subculture/counterculture

Since 2008, founder Rodney Echols, has actively observed a psychological shift of work and recreational culture into the technology and web. Some common observations:

  • Everyday pop culture has gone “urban-geek”.
  • Guerrilla is the new business model
  • Innovation and trend is collective
  • Subcultures have all grown their own niche market sectors
  • Marketing has gone micro, and hyperlocal
  • Planned sponaneity is rampid
  • Jokes are funny again, PC is the new lame

” I am regularly seeing in the re-evolution of social culture and the web is the common element. Word of Mouth is coming back, but what are we doing with it ? The web world is in its own renaissance and Ahmsayin is the weekly ezine that exposes the next trends.”

– Rodney Echols, Founder of

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